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VRML Primer and Tutorial

Daniel K. Schneider
and Sylvere Martin-Michiellot
TECFA, Faculte de Psychologie et des sciences de l'education,
University of Geneva,

March 18, 1998

DRAFT Version 1.1a - use at your own risk !!
This evolving document is an introduction to VRML 97.
See section 8.6.1 for the version history. We will work on it again in the next few weeks (test-version).

DON'T bookmark any pages inside this tree.
Node names are generated dynamically and will change !

A postscript version and a (simple) PDF version are available.
This document is best viewed with a browser that understands CSS style sheets.
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Most examples can be found in the Index. See also our Examples directory at


D.K.S. - 1998-03-18