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8.7 Copyright Information

This manual and associated examples (unless otherwise stated) are copyrighted Daniel Schneider and Sylvere Martin-Michiellot, TECFA, FPSE, University of Geneva. (email:

You may use this manual and our own associated examples for non-commercial purposes if you give us some sort of credit. Else ask and you likely will get permission.

You can freely distribute electronic or printed versions of this manual and examples at NO charge, but you are NOT allowed to mirror this manual at any site without password protecting it from general access and without adding a link to the original. (This is to prevent that old versions float around, some stuff is REALLY alpha or beta or whatever you want to call it).

If you decide to use this manual for a course, please give us feedback on things you like, don't like and so on, so that we can improve things.

Enjoy !

D.K.S. - 1998-03-18