Carezheimer's in brief

Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disease evolving over several years. During this period, the circle of acquaintances often has a key role in the care of the sick person. A responsibility which entails stress, exhaustion, anxiety, even depression and disease. "To help the caregivers" is thus a priority.

We are developing a dynamic and personalized simulation, using interactive narration technologies, allowing family caregivers to develop strategies of care in order to manage difficult situations with more ease. As a result, the use of the simulation will reduce the stress associated with the daily care.

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If you are a family caregiver, you can contribute to this project. Carezheimer aims to support you to take care of your relatives with Alzheimer.

By helping us we hope to help all caregivers :

  • to learn to take better care of their relatives,
  • to improve interpersonal communication,
  • to lower stress inherent to care.

We would like to know your needs. We propose to meet you for a one hour group interview. The interview will be led by our psychologist Anna Laura Luiu.

Contact us at AnnaLaura.Luiu(at)

Alzheimer Care Trainer Screenshot


  • University of Geneva

  • Geneva University Hospital

  • FNS


A multidisciplinary and transversal team covering skills ranging from computer science to caregiving and going through applied psychology has been assembled to address the heterogeneous challenges of the project.

  • Prof Christian Lovis, MD, MPH

    Prof Christian Lovis, MD, MPH

    Overall supervision will is by the professor Lovis, chairman at the medical Information Sciences at the University Hospital of Geneva

  • Frédéric Ehrler, Ph.D.

    Frédéric Ehrler, Ph.D.

    Computer science decisions fall under the responsibilities of Dr. Ehrler, senior researcher at the University Hospital of Geneva

  • Nicolas Szilas, Ph.D.

    Nicolas Szilas, Ph.D.

    Specificities linked to the simulation and narrative technologies are supervised by Dr. Szilas

  • Prof. Giovanni Frisoni

    Prof. Giovanni Frisoni

    Prof. Frisoni acts as key contact for questions going related to Alzheimer's disease

  • Prof. Nicolas Favez

    Prof. Nicolas Favez

    Prof. Favez acts as key contact for questions ranging from family dynamic to educational issues

  • Prof. Mireille Betrancourt

    Prof. Mireille Betrancourt

    Prof. Betrancourt acts as key contact for questions ranging from family dynamic to educational issues

  • Anna Laura Luiu

    Anna Laura Luiu

    Psychology related research is performed by the doctorant Luiu Anna Laura

  • Ruud de Jong

    Ruud de Jong

    Ruud de Jong works on narrative technologies and natural language generation

  • Lucie Chauveau

    Lucie Chauveau

    Former member doctorant Lucie Chauveau worked on narrative technologies


Scientific papers published so far:

  • Szilas, N., Chauveau, L., Andkjaer, K., Luiu, A. L., Bétrancourt, M., & Ehrler, F. (2019). Virtual Patient Interaction via Communicative Acts. In 19th ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (pp. 91–93). New York: ACM Press.
  • Chauveau, L., Szilas, N., Luiu, A. L., & Ehrler, F. (2018). Dimensions of Personalization in a Narrative Pedagogical Simulation for Alzheimer’s Caregivers. In 6th International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health (IEEE SeGAH 2018).
  • Szilas, N., Kemp, L., Dadema, T., Nap, H., & Ehrler, F. (2020). Designing a Senior Friendly Interface for a Personalized 3D Narrative Simulation. In Foundations of Digital Games (Vol. To appear).
  • Szilas, N., de Jong, R., & Theune, M. (2020). ExpReal: a Writing Language and System for Authoring Dynamic in Interactive Narrative. In Foundations of Digital Games (Vol. To Appear).


You can contact either the Dr. Ehrler, Dr. Szilas or Anna Laura Luiu for further information.