WWW5 Workshop on VEs and the WWW

at the Fifth International World Wide Web Conference.

[Old page updated in order to kill the links to the now dead discussion server. If you are interested in the WWW-MOO technology used to prepare this event, check out its successor technology: APECKS, also developed by Jeni Tennison - DKS 9/97]


1. Discussion Server ***

A WWW-based discussion/annotation forum at http://spsyc.nott.ac.uk:5555/" has been used to prepare the workshop and to organize activities after the workshop. Original papers prepared by the participants are integrated into its "Living Document System" [Note 9/97: this server has killed now].

This Forum is open for everybody interested in Virtual Environments. ----------------

2. Accepted papers (including printables)

Includes: Home pages of some participants, a list of guest, original papers, pointers to "Living Document System" versions of papers, link to a FTP directories with Postscript files.

3. Participants and Abstracts

A copy of the page sent to the organizers (Yes we just might merge the 2 lists after the workshop).

4. Issues extracted from the position papers

[Issues could be viewed in various ways in the Living Document System which is now off line - DKS 9/97]. E.g. they could be found by looking at the Position Paper List or via the issue overview.

5. Discussion Material

Discussion Material for the 9 group discussions can [could] be produced from the Group Discussion Page or from the above issues list. Participants did receive the printed version (see the list below) as handouts.
A-1: Information Representation, chaired by Jenifer Tennison
A-2: User Interfaces and Clients, chaired by Gavin Bell
A-3: Integration of the 'real world', chaired by Doree Duncan Seligmann
B-1: Spatial Organisation and Navigability, chaired by Jolanda Tromp
B-2: Collaboration and CSCW in VEs, chaired by Daniel Schneider
B-3: Large Scale systems and distributed architectures, chaired by Yoshiaki Araki
C-1: Community (Users, Social Aspects, Evolution etc), chaired by Rob van der Haar
C-2: Integration of the WWW, chaired by Chris Hand
C-3: Objects in collaborative Work, chaired by chaired by Jay M. Williams

6. Workshop Results

*** Workshop results are not available yet (May 20 1996), but some transcripts are:

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