Closing session

At the very end of the day we had a short closing discussion within which each participant was asked to state his/her favorite recommendation for "VE" R&D. The list below is a simple transcript from the flip chart sheets, probably only participants will figure out what certain utterances mean:
  1. Underlying model (Jeni)
  2. Standards for accessibility and participation (Mike, David, Karl)
  3. Can't do a global network (Yoshi)
  4. Multiple interfaces won't work (Nakshon)
  5. Multiple navigation devices (Rob)
  6. Space surrounding webpages (Jola)
  7. Multiple uses of representation (Anny)
  8. HTTP as realized in a VE (Jeff)
  9. Ve as "social" place, as context (Patrick)
  10. Spatial HT as bridge between Hypermedia and VE (Chris, Gavin)
  11. Keep it simple! (Luc)
  12. Structuring tools for ideas and discussion (Seth, Daniel)
  13. Relax consistency, will aid distribution (Colin)
  14. Classification group of objects (Doree)
  15. Give them the means! (Kees)

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