The warm-up discussion

In the beginning of the workshop we had a one hour discussion on "what is a Virtual Environment". The purpose of this discussion was to introduce participants and to produce a "brain-stormed" list of statements for further use. This is what we came up with, i.e. has been written on a flip chart. (So this is NOT a discussion transcript, but simply a transcription of what was written on a few big sheets of paper in chronological order and only slightly edited): A VE is:
  1. Imaginary space
  2. Real space
  3. Virtual World vs. Virtual Construct.
  4. Simulate the "real" world"
  5. Concrete into Abstract
  6. Unlimited Scope
[Then people felt that we should rather discuss "What can we use a VE For?". Here are in(out)puts:]
  1. Museums (Live yourself into history)
  2. Learning
  3. Communication
  4. Collaboration
  5. Immersion
  6. Learning by Doing
[Of course discussion then went more general again:]
  1. Dynamic
  2. Persistence
  3. Groups
  4. Adaptation by users not just by system
  5. Creating our environment
  6. Communication PLUS interaction
  7. Communication + creation = collaboration
  8. [Next somebody walked up to the flip chart and drew a graphic. It had 2 axis: x=many-many/broadcast and y=sync/async. VE's were are large circle somewhat in the middle....]
  9. Usability
  10. Presentation of VE: graphical vs. text
  11. MOO as a Concept, [not a System to be discussed in detail here]
  12. VEs are about PEOPLE
  13. Object orientation
  14. User Desires --> Interface --> Architecture [3 different levels]
  15. Basic Action used differently by different people
  16. Evolution
  17. User Extensibility
  18. Creation only necessary sometimes [what does that mean?]
  19. The knowledge level [an allusion to Alan Newells distinction of knowledge content and implementation]
  20. Describe and Create
  21. Tools for Personalization
  22. User representation and avatars
  23. VE is a space with an underlying goal
  24. User evolve too
  25. Multimodal Interaction
  26. Different Cultures
  27. Underlying Goal
  28. Evolution of VE (by users)
  29. Evolution of Community
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