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The evolving TecfaMOO Book
- Part I: Concepts

Daniel K. Schneider gif - Terrence M. Drozdowski, gif - Gustavo Glusman gif - Richard Godard gif - K.Block gif - Jenifer Tennison gif

February 16, 1996

VERY Rough and quite empty Draft! At early this stage, actual writing is ``the crime'' of D.S. and has not yet been approved or modified by the co-authors. Sorry for spelling and grammar !

Paper versions: PS A4 - PS USA - UGLY ASCII version. Please check the dates: all may be out of date !

Warning:The contents of this document are likely to change. It is advisable not to use links to any internal page. Once this documented reaches a decent size and form, we may decide to stabilize a version, but certainly not now! The main purpose of ``book'' is to look at a certain number of ``interesting'' topics. Note that this ``book'' is not meant to be a finished product, but rather a collection of thoughts, observations that can be reused in the future as resource book for everybody wanting to build a MOO or looking for source materials for publications. Note that screen dumps from various MOO may have changed. They are here to illustrate principles.

In this ``evolving book'' we also state the initial mission of this MOO as related to our research in computer mediated communication, to its use as communication tool for our diploma in educational technology and to student projects in the STAF-14 course.

This book can bee seen as complement to TECFA's WWW page on educational MUDs and to The Evolving TecfaMOO book, Part II (Technical Manuel).

The TECFAMOO is a text-based virtual reality. It is a Virtual Space for Educational Technology, Education, Research and Life at TECFA, School of Psychology and Education, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

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Daniel K. Schneider
vendredi, 16 février 1996, 13:41:58 MET