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Learning by Immersion at EON

Most ``Immersion-based'' learning at EON is related to the MOO itself (learning how ``to MOO'') and to MOO programming.

The new player, called learner in EON (this goes with the ideology of EON: everybody connected on EON is a learner), is placed in a tutorial environment (Chamber 1). The first virtual room the learner is entering in is a metal cube. (Answer will come to know whether in the conception of EON, that room was so designed in order to figurate the box of knowledge, see: 2001 Space Odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick).

The learner has to find his way, moving, looking at signs and notes and interpreting them correctly in order to find oneself in the "Science Compounds" of EON. Wise, the learner will move to "Information Center" and gain some information: an index of basic commands (newbie help) as well as the set of goals of EON. Information is also provided on the fact that there is a hierarchy among EON's learners. Learners carry badges: red is for guests, yellow is for registered learners, green is for programmers.

In order to receive a "official character" on EON, the player must register. If a learner can obtain this character, it is assumed that the learner knows "the rudimentary commands for moving around" EON, as stated in a description of chamber one

Once an official character, the learner wishes to know more about EON. Passing through to chamber 2 is allowed. That is where the learner will find parts of a city with streets, buildings and so on.

Here the learner will learn more ways to move about and to communicate. Opportunity will be given to meet other learners, to find the "Green Badge Distribution Cubicle" and to be made a programmer. An example of this ceremony is available here

Many other rooms are built in Chamber two. Let me mention a hotel, where a room can be made available, shops, bars, etc. But the most important site of chamber two is evidently the Convention Centre . There, the learner finds a room where the "Unix people" meet, usually, most of the wizards spend some of their time on EON there. <P> Just next door is the Internet room allowing for tutorial, grading and Internet connections. Adjacent are located the Internet Exploratorium -leading to a room meant to allow connection to the WEB and Gopher- as well as The Reporting Room.

A learner going into the Reporting Room will be expected to use it to report of the experiences gained using Internet and to ask for grading on the report. This room has mainly been built as a check point for the Internet classes of Greg Swan.

Linked to the Convention Center Corridor, the InterVVE Communication room offers a mean to see who is connected to EON via others VEE like BayMOO, DU, TECFAMOO, etc.


Once entitled to a green badge, a learner may venture to others parts of the world (EON's).

(Quotations from Virtual Education Environment:the case of EON by Eric Berthoud

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