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Ken's generic classroom


Todays (April 95) probably best tested, liked and known classroom has been built by Ken Schweller.

Upon creation of a classroom a short tutorial and help is available:


* * * * * *   Using the GENERIC CLASSROOM : A Brief Tutorial   * * * * * * *
     The Generic Classroom was created to give teachers greater flexibility,
 creativity and control in conducting MOO classes.  Here are the basics of 
classroom use. You may type 'help here' at any time for a brief summary of 
the room commands.
     You may create your own desks, tables, shelves, bulletin boards, walls
or whatever using the @addfurniture command. Let's suppose you wished to 
add a Lab Table to the room.  After typing '@addfurniture Lab Table' you 
would be asked to describe the table and indicate whether it is 'sit-able'
or not. While most furniture is 'sit-table' some things like walls and
bulletin boards are clearly not.  Students can 'sit Lab Table', 'put
<anything> on Lab Table', 'get <anything>', or 'look Lab Table'.  Objects on
the Lab Table will only be seen by persons sitting there or persons who look
at the table.  Walls, shelves, and bulletin boards are obvious places to 
'put' things like calendars, lab equipment, or notes. To remove furniture 
type '@rmfurniture <object>'. Note that each room has a built in blackboard 
and a clock.  Just 'look blackboard' or 'look clock'.  You can write on the 
blackboard by typing 'writeb hello class!'. 
     To set up an 'Intro to Theater' class type '@mkclass Intro to Theater'. 
This creates a class roster for registering your students.  If you would like 
Ken to be able to teach a different class in your room you must '@authorize 
Ken'.  This enables Ken to use the @mkclass and other commands to create his 
own class. You can now register your students.  Type '@setup Intro' to 
activate Intro to Theater as the 'current' class and then type  'register 
Bill', 'register Mary', and so on. Students registered in the 'current' class 
can  enter the classroom even when the door is closed. To allow only 
authorized persons to make furniture, register students or setup classes just 
type '@restrictions on'. You may type '@status' at any time to see which class 
is 'current', who is registered or authorized, and whether restrictions are in 
     One of the main advantages of using the Generic Classroom is to moderate 
extraneous talking and emoting.  Have the students 'sit Lab Table' or 
wherever.  While they are seated they can only be heard by others sitting 
with them.  This enables students to talk with each other or carry on small 
group discussions without disturbing others.  Students who wish to be heard 
throughout the room need only 'speakup <anything>', or 'stand' to be heard. 
Emoting can be limited to tablemates only or made visible to the entire room 
through the use of '@stifle on/off'.
It is a good idea to type 'door close' and '@sign on' when you begin a class 
so folks not registered in the 'current' class cannot drop in uninvited. The 
@sign command informs others that your class is '(in session)' when they do 
an @who listing.
     There are numerous additional commands that can be used in the Generic 
Classroom. Type 'help here' for examples of their use.
     The Generic Classroom was designed to incorporate the ideas and wishes of 
many MOO teachers.  It will continue to evolve as we all make new teaching 
discoveries. We invite *you* to participate in the development of this 
experimental teaching technology by bringing forward your critiques and 
suggestions. They are most welcome!  -ken/cdr 
<end of tutorial>

>help here
Seminar Room (#184):
                        How To Use This Room
     To create new tables, desks, shelves, bulletin boards etc. use the 
'@addfurniture' command. You can 'look', 'sit', or 'put' things on most
objects you create. While sitting you are heard only by others sitting 
with you. If you 'stand' or 'speakup' everyone can hear you. 'Look' at
objects to see what's on them. 
   look blackboard        sit Big Desk             @status
   writeb Hi There!       stand                    put map on Bulletin
   eraseb 4               speakup I think that..   get map
   to Ken Hi there!       look clock               look Big Desk 
   cleanb                   - erase entire blackboard   
   register/unregister Ken  - add/rm Ken from *current* class
   @addfurn/@rmfurn Desk    - add/remove a piece of describable furniture
   door open/closed         - restrict entry to persons in *current* class
   @mkclass/@rmclass Math   - add 'Math' to list of classes taught here
   @setup Math              - makes 'Math' the *current* class 
   @stifle on/off           - disable seated persons emoting to everyone
   @sign on/off             - show 'this.session_msg' at @who command
   @authorize/@unauth Ken   - add/rm Ken from list of authorized users 
   @restrictions on/off     - restrict Special verbs to authorized users
   @tutorial                - view a short tutorial on using classroom
   @fix                     - correct seating mixups if they occur


Ken's generic classroom has been developed in tight interaction with teachers on DU and other MOOs.

Daniel K. Schneider
vendredi, 16 février 1996, 13:41:58 MET