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The role of player classes


On most MOOs there are several social classes and institutions fulfilling different functions:

At the technical level we can distinguish different classes of players:

  1. The archwizard (or owner)
  2. The wizards (or janitors)
  3. The programmers
  4. The builders
  5. The players (or basic users)
  6. The guests

On most MOOs different kinds of democratic rights are given to those classes since they have different technical ``powers''. The most powerful figures are the wizards. On some MOOs they have almost godly powers, on others they rather have system (and accessorily police) duties like any system administrator on large systems. In addition, most do a lot of programming too.

Many forms of ``government'' can be observed and the social role of player classes changes a lot between MOOS.

Daniel K. Schneider
vendredi, 16 février 1996, 13:41:58 MET