Implicit coordination in distributed systems

Title of project:
Implicit coordination in distributed systems

Partners: Pierre Dillenbourg (TECFA), Ion Dumitrache (POLITEHNICA), Catalin Buiu (POLITEHNICA),
Cristian Ceconvciuc (POLITEHNICA)


    Teaching assistant at "POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest, Faculty of Computers
    Visiting Scientist:  Oct. 27 - Dec. 21 1997
    University of Geneva,Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences
    TECFA - Training Technologies and Learning Unit
    CH 1227-Carouge

CC1. The problem: solve the TECFAMOO mystery "Who killed Mona-Lisa?"; some commands for that.
CC2. The solution proposed: Artificial Agents and Human Agents: implicit coordination.
CC3. Steps for solve the mystery.
CC4. Hercule solve the mystery.
CC5. Hercule and Sherlock solve the mystery.
CC6. Example of agents communication.
CC7. Technical problems in Prolog.
CC8. MOO things.
CC9. Prolog sources.
CC10. C sources.

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Last updated: Dec. 15, 1997