Hercule solve the mystery

Title of project:
Implicit coordination in distributed systems

Partners: Pierre Dillenbourg (TECFA), Ion Dumitrache (POLITEHNICA), Catalin Buiu (POLITEHNICA),
Cristian Ceconvciuc (POLITEHNICA)

 Log examples for Hercule artificial and Sherlock spectator (but he say something...):

- herc_found.txt : example for artificial hercule;
- sher_spec.txt : example for human sherlock (but only spectator);
- monit_hf_ss.txt : monitor example for 2 agents below;
- qout1_hf_ss.txt : extract from monitor only 'page' commands (useful for see communication);
- qout2_hf_ss.txt : extract from monitor only 'look', 'ask' and 'read' commands (useful for see movements);

Cristian Ceconvciuc  

Last updated: Dec. 15, 1997