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So what can we do with the Web?


Figure 1: Components of the Learning Environment

The table in figure 1 attempts a summary according to Sandberg's functions. Each column is covered! - We ``can do it''. But a LOT of development work is still needed. The role of server-side scripts (e.g. see [Kay et Kummerfeld, 1994] or [Brusilovsky, 1995] for recent work) or client-side computing ( la ``HotJava'') is still not clear though. ``Smart server-side computing'' (e.g. replacing a standard WWW server) by a specialized educational server is another road that has not be full explored. There is always a trade-off between using the Web as a closed system, using it to distribute software, using it in combination with other software, etc. Only time will tell us what solution is best for what case.

Daniel K. Schneider
Mon Jun 12 18:25:21 MET DST 1995