Sergio Estupinan, Ph.D. candidate in Education Sciences - Interactive Digital Storytelling.

Learning and Teaching Unit (TECFA) - University of Geneva.

sergio[dot]estupinan[at]etu[dot]unige[dot]ch | Phone: +41 223 798 248 | @seandres

I am currently a PhD candidate under the supervision of Nicolas SZILAS at the Learning and Teaching Technologies (TECFA) lab of the University of Geneva. I am committed to advancing the Fine-grained Evaluation of Interactive Narrative Experiences (FELINE)

The findings of my research will provide a solid knowledge-driven basis for designing systems and story material for Interactive Storytelling within areas such as education, entertainment, communication/mediating of complex topics, and training.

I can be reached at Office 505 of the Uni. Pignon building, Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve 42, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland