My research

In the field of Interactive Storytelling, in order to empower users to exercise a strong influence on the narrative the upcoming narrative events must be dynamically generated using Artificial Intelligence algorithms. But what is a significant narrative event in an interactive context? Which narrative situations might have an important impact in users during the interaction? The theories of narrative resulting from the study of classical linear narratives are unable to provide a complete answer to this question.

As a result, this project aims to fill this gap through a series of experiments, using specifically-crafted interactive narratives in order to accurately assess at every moment the quality of the user experience and to determine the relevance of the presented narrative acts.

The findings of my research will provide a solid knowledge-driven basis for designing systems and story material for Interactive Storytelling within areas such as education, entertainment, communication/mediating of complex topics, and training.

I can be reached at Office 505 of the Uni. Pignon building, Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve 42, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland