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The evolving TecfaMOO Book
- Part II: Technical Manual

Daniel K. Schneider gif - Richard Godard gif - with -
Terrence M. Drozdowski
, gif - Gustavo Glusman gif - Kayla Block gif - Jenifer Tennison gif

April 17, 1997

DISCLAIMER: The Current Draft has been written by Daniel Schneider (rather a beginner). Some information may be wrong at this time. Use your own judgment ! (Co-authors are wizards who actually implemented things in our MOO at various moments)

Programmers, please check out section 12 on programming at TECFAMOO, quite a few things are different (improved) from LambdaCore.

A (maybe outdated) postscript A4 version and a (maybe VERY outdated) US version are available.   The contents of this document are likely to change. It is advisable not to bookmark any other page than this one.
TECFAMOO is a text-based virtual reality.   It is a Virtual Space for Educational Technology, Education, Research and Life at TECFA, School of Psychology and Education, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997