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[TECFAMOO] The World-Wide Web (WOO) Interface on port 7777


The WWW Interface at TECFA is based upon the implementation at MOOtiny which in turn is an expansion of Sense Media's Chiba.

The principal author of the WOO interface is Jenifer Tennison from the Artificial Intelligence Research Group (Department of Psychology, Nottingham University), (email: (jft@psychology.nottingham.ac.uk). MOOtiny's WOO core has been ported to TECFA by K. Block (thanx Irradiate!) and some differences do exist.

Acknowledgment: Jeni Tennison was very patient in helping me to write this chapter and by sending me detailed explanations. However, mistakes are all mine! Note that this chapter is REALLY under construction, trust me (Daniel Schneider, sept 95).

Also, do consult the on-line help at MOOtiny. You can read it via the the webbed on-line help system at MOOtiny.

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997