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Introduction to Building and Construction


In most MOOs standard players (users) are allowed to build a limited amount of objects (see chapter 7). Usually people will start building a ``home'' in MOO terminology, e.g. an office, a virtual house or any other place which will be your favorite private place on the MOO. Therefore, we first will learn how to build rooms and exits in section 4.2. But let's hear some additional information before we start.

On-line help on building is pretty well done in the usual MOO. If you type 'help building' you will see something like the following:

>help building
There are a number of commands available to players for building new
parts of the MOO.  Help on them is available under the following topics:

creation -- making, unmaking, and listing your rooms, exits, and other objects
topology -- making and listing the connections between rooms and exits
descriptions -- setting the names and descriptive texts for new objects
locking -- controlling use of and access to your objects

Most of the following stuff is built on the internal MOO documentation.

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