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4.4 Setting messages on things, exits and yourself


This section is a slightly modified version of the in MOO 'help messages' command.

Most objects have messages that are printed when a player succeeds or fails in manipulating the object in some way. Of course, the kinds of messages printed are specific to the kinds of manipulations and those, in turn, are specific to the kind of object. Regardless of the kind of object, though, there is a uniform means for listing the kinds of messages that can be set and then for setting them.

The '@messages' command prints out all of the messages you can set on any object you own. Type 'help @messages' for details.

To set a particular message on one of your objects use a command with this form:

     @<message-name> <object> is "<message>"

where '<message-name>' is the name of the message being set, <object> is the name or number of the object on which you want to set that message, and <message> is the actual text.

For example, consider the 'leave' message on an exit; it is printed to a player when they successfully use the exit to leave a room. To set the 'leave' message on the exit 'north' from the current room, use the command

        @leave north is "You wander in a northerly way out of the room."

Within the MOO, more help is available on:

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