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4.3 Construction with @create


The general principle for building other things than rooms is quite simple, you just create a ``kid'' of a generic object with the @create command. Let's have a look at this command as it appears when you use the internal help system:

Syntax:  @create <class-name> named "<names>"
         @create <parent-object> named "<names>"

The main command for creating objects other than rooms and exits (for
them, see 'help @dig'; it's much more convenient).

The first argument specifies the 'parent' of the new object: loosely
speaking, the 'kind' of object you're creating.  <class-name> is one
of the four standard classes of objects: $note, $letter, $thing, or
$container.  As time goes on, more 'standard classes' may be added.
If the parent you have in mind for your new object isn't one of these,
you may use the parent's name (if it's in the same room as you) or
else its object number (e.g., #4562).

You may use "called" instead of "named" in this command, if you wish.

An object must be fertile to be used as a parent-class.  See help
@chmod for details.

The <names> are given in the same format as in the @rename command:
        <name-and-alias>,<alias>,...,<alias> [preferred]

See 'help @rename' for a discussion of the difference between a name
and an alias.

Here is a simple example:

@create $thing named "A little thing",truc

This will create a child of the simple $thing generic object, called ``A little thing'' with the alias ``truc''. The $thing object is not very useful for building something, but programmers often start with this. Go and visit the MOOseum if you are interested in owning fancier objects or look at the parents of objects you meet in the MOO and create a child for yourself:

@parents <object>

e.g. @parents here
     @parents me
     @parents #139

Usually, most objects have a ``help'' on them that will explain how to customize it. Encourage your programmer friends to write helps!

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997