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Communication over channels:


Communicating on the default channel

The most basic command is 'x' like in the following example:

 >x anybody working on this ?
 [+][Admin] You ask, "anybody working on this ?"

Here is a more complete set of commands.

x <text>                - say <text> on your current channel
x:<text>                - emote <text> on your current channel
xmo <text>              - as above
xto <player> <text>     - directed speech ([to player] <text>) on your curr. ch.
x-<player> <text>       - as above
x`<player> <text>       - as above
xth <text>              - . o O (<text>) on your current channel

Switching default and communicating to another channel:

x>><channel> [<text>]   - set your current channel to <channel> [and say <text>]
xmo>><channel> [<text>] - as above [and emote <text>] 
xto>><channel> [<player> <text>] - as above [and direct speech]
xth>><channel> [<text>] - as above [and think <text>]

Communicating to another channel (without switching default):

x//<channel> <text>     - say <text> on <channel> (rather than on your curr. ch.)
xmo//<channel> <text>   - emote <text> on <channel> (as above) 
xto//<channel> <player> <text> - direct speech on <channel> (as above)
xth//<channel> <text>   - think <text> on <channel> (as abobe)

Other commands may be added in the future.

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997