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Channel Selection


To list all open channels and some statistics, type @xch' or @xchannels. You will see something like:

LT  Channel     Owners  Users  Online   LT  Channel     Owners  Users  Online
--  ----------  ------  -----  ------   --  ----------  ------  -----  ------
!!  Admin       ~Janus  7      3        --  Help        ~Eval   8      2     
-!  Checkpoint  ~Janus  7      1        --  Prog        ~Eval   8      2     
-!  Connection  ~Janus  6      2        --  Public      ~Eval   11     3

To add yourself to the listeners of a channel, type:

      @xlisten <channel>
      @xlisten help

To set a channel as default channel for talking, type:


Now to remove yourself from a channel or switch default channels you also have the following commands, but remember at least the @disc <channel> command.

@xco*nnect <channel>       - Quit your curr. ch., 
                             and set your curr. ch. to <channel>
@xdis*connect [<channel>]  - Quit listening to all channels [only <channel>].
@xonly <channel>           - Quit all channels except <channel>.

To see who is listening to a channel use @xwho. To list all subscribed listeners (i.e. disconnected people) use @xwho-all.

   @xwho [<channel>]       - Shows online listeners on <channel>
                            (curr ch. by default)
   @xwho-all [<channel>]   - Shows all listeners on <channel>
                            (curr ch. by default)

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997