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Basic Navigation


One way of navigation is simply to ``walk'' through exits by typing the exit's name. Note that one some Moos you can only do that (besides using more exotic artefacts like vehicles).

The following commands will also work on most MOOs:

``go'' will allow you to cross several rooms at the same time, or to cross an exit that has a strange name, e.g.:

   go n,s,down

   go help

``@go'' is mostly implemented as teleportation command. Often it works only if you enter the room object number (e.g. #1111) or if you remembered the room. Most Lambda-based cores have an @addroom command (type 'help @addroom') for remembering rooms. At TECFAMOO we use the nickname facility to remember all sorts of objects (see section 2.5.2).

   @go <room number>
   @go #1111

   @go <remembered room name>
   @go mooseum

``@join'' will allow you to join a user at another location. Please page him if it is ok to join if you feel that the person is in some private area. You can also use the knock command for this as in the following example:

>@knock kaspar
You have knocked on the walls of Kaspar [on&off]'s location.
Kaspar [on&off] invites you to @join him in The Irradiation Chamber.
>@join kaspar
You join Kaspar [on&off].
The Irradiation Chamber
A dark chamber lit by a warm, orangish glow. The light in here
seems to almost be alive.  It seems like it's breathing.
Daniel is sitting in the chair.  
You see Box 'O Generics, vs, and Web-Thing here.
Irradiate (out on her feet) and Kaspar [on&off] are here.
Looks like you can go north, door, south, and west from here.

Some MOOs also implement walking algorithm that will find a path to a location. At TECFAMOO you can try walk to <location>. Even more fun are various transportation artifacts, like trains, cars and so on. Look at those objects and read the description or the help if needed!

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997