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2.2 MOO Mail and Mailing Lists


``MOO Mail'' includes two functionalities:

  1. The MOO email system allows you to send and receive messages to and from other users.
  2. It allows the creation of mailing-lists. Each MOO has a set of public mailing lists to which may subscribe. If you are a frequent user of A MOO, subscribe yourself to the most important ones !

The most important commandes you should know are the following:

Help is available on the following commands:

@mail     -- seeing a table of contents for a collection of email messages
@read     -- reading individual messages 
@next     -- reading the 'next'     message
@prev     -- reading the 'previous' message

@send     -- composing and sending a message to other players
@answer   -- replying to one of the messages in a collection
@forward  -- resending one of the messages in a collection somewhere else

@rmmail   -- discarding some subset of a collection
@unrmmail -- undoing the most recent @rmm on a collection
@renumber -- renumbering the messages in a collection
@keep-mail - marking messages in a collection as exempt from expiration

For viewing collections other from your own, the following commands are useful:

@rn          -- list those collections that have new messages on them
@subscribe   -- indicate that you want @rn to report on a given collection
                  and add yourself to its .mail_notify list
@skip        -- ignore any remaining new messages in a given collection
@unsubscribe -- ignore a given collection entirely from now on
                  and remove yourself from its .mail_notify list
@unsubscribed-- show the mailing lists that you aren't subscribed to.
@subscribed  -- like @rn, but shows all lists that you are subscribed to
                even if they have no new activity

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997