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Webby verbs


See also help on web-verbs on the webbed on-line help system at MOOtiny

(Copy of the moo help text @MOOtiny oct 29 /95)

The single easiest way to let people do something through the web with
one of your objects is to create a verb called <something>_web.  I 
shall refer to these as _web verbs.

_web verbs are automatically shown at the bottom of the htext of
objects.  The verb name (without the _web) is given as a button, and 
the verb documentation given beside it.  

The verb documentation can be used to give people the opportunity to 
enter arguments to the verb.  This is done by including ?<input type>?
in the documentation.  <input type> can be one of:
  txt<num> - produces a input text box, num long.
  chk<ref> - produces a number of checkboxes, one for each of the
             items defined in ref (see below).
  opt<ref> - produces a pull-down menu, with one option for each of
             the items defined in ref (see below).
ref is a reference to a verb or property which returns a list.  If the
list is of objects, then their names will be used, rather than their
object numbers.  Two useful verbs are provided on $www_utils to aid
this.  One is :reachable_players, and the other is :reachable_things.
See the help on these.

The values returned by the inputs included in documentation are passed
to the _web verb in args[1].  Args[1] is a list of strings, each of
which will begin with '/' (a URL list).  The values are given in this
list in the order which they are taken from the documentation.

NOTE:  when using chk as the input type, each checked input will be
a separate string within the URL list.

_web verbs must be +x (since they are called through the web) and may
refer to player as the person who's using the web.  Remember, though,
that any messages to 'player', will actually go to the person on the
moo, and they may not necessarily be connected.  Therefore any 
messages that you have should be printed in the html that is returned
by them.

_web verbs should return some html.  A good example of a _web verb is

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997