2-3 Use of the TECFAMOO in the VMDL project

2-3.1 The TECFAMOO

The TECFAMOO is a text-based virtual reality. It is a Virtual Space for Educational Technology, Education, Research and Life at TECFA, School of Psychology and Education, University of Geneva, Switzerland. The TECFAMOO project has been started as a small informal project in the fall of 1994. Currently we have been using MOO technology as CMC tool for our own teaching and research. Since April 95, the TECFAMOO has an experimental World-Wide Web interface allowing to take increased benefits from both technologies. This latest development increases our commitment to MOO technology. TECFAMOO purposes are mainly: .

The TECFAMOO main places:

 /___  ___/                               Grand Opening: this summer
    / /                                   Builders and Programmers Permits
   / /                                    are available to qualified people
  /_/ ECFA MOO   Arrival Area              
  A Virtual Space for Educational Technology, Education, Resarch & Life
  at TECFA, School of Psychology & Education, University of Geneva    

  'VISIT' (for Visitor Information) 'BUILD' (Builder's Information)
  'Register' (User creation)

   See: http://tecfa.unige.ch/tecfamoo.html for information on this project

You see Puppet with Teleport Messages and BUS FOR EDUTECH here.
Obvious Exits: Up (to Les Puces de Plainpalais), UC (to Underground Corridor), VISIT (to Visitor Information), TRANS (to Rond Point de Plainpalais/Taxi), BUILD (to Underground Construction Office), and Register (to TecfaMOO Registration Room).

Underground Corridor
You find yourself in a mechanized high-tech "people moving"
Underground Corridor. It links sites of educational interest
Choose one of the folling destinations and you will be ported there:
Arrival:  TecfaMOO Arrival area (#11)                      *builders info*
MOOseum:  The MOO Museum / Moo building and programming    *visit!*
Forest:   The Forest Campus                                *use it!*
IVU:      The International Virtual University Campus      *empty so far*
EduTech:  The Internationl Educational Technology Center   *open!*
GNA:      The GNA Center                                   *InterMOO Forum*
Piazza:   Uni GE (Psychology and Education + TECFA)        
Tecfa:    Home of the TECFA Unit                           *our place*

One of the walls has an elevator and elevator panel.  Perhaps you should look at it more carefully.
Obvious Exits: Uni (to Ugly Foyer), Piazza (to Piaget Piazza), MOOseum (to Foyer), Arrival (to TecfaMOO ARRIVAL area), IVU (to IVU), EduTech (to International Educational Technology Center), Forest (to Forest Campus), GNA (to GNA Center), Tecfa (to The Tecfa Atrium), and PanGea (to PanGea).

The Tecfa Atrium
The Atrium of TECFA with its spring fountain is the place where TECFA
people can relax and talk about the latest advances in Educational
Technologies. Type a ROOM NUMBER to enter an room.

  +---------------------------o   o-----------------------------------+
  |G11=Patrick   G10=Francoise|   | UP<   G26=Daniel   G25=Pierre     |
  |   Mendelsohn     Schmitt  | N | DOWN>     Peraya     Dillenbourg  |
  |                 o---------o   o---------------------------o       |
  |G12=Meeting      |                           o-----------o |G23=   |
  |   Room          |                           |           | | David |
  |                 |             (*)           |G24 Seminaf| | Traum |
  |                 |                           |   Room    | |       |
  |         o-------o                           |           | |       |
  |         |         The Atrium                o-----------o |       |
  |         o-------------------------o   o-------------------o       |
  |G17=Daniel G18=Patrick G19=Sylvere |   |G20=Boris                  |
  | Schneider  Jermann     Martin-M   |  S|Borcic                     |
  +-----------------------------------o   o---------------------------+

You see Atrium's Coffee Machine, WWW-box, Sphinx, Puce, TECFA Seminar Anouncement Board, and chihuahua here.
Obvious Exits: N (to Piaget Piazza), G18 (to Colin's Office), G11 (to Patrick's Office), G17 (to Daniel's Office), G23 (to David's Office), G24 (to Seminar Room), G25 (to Pierre's Office), Down (to The TECFA Bar), Up (to The Students Floor), S (to Le jardin des plantes), Swiss_village (to Piazza Maggiore), and UC (to Underground Corridor).

The TECFAMOO main places:

VMDL/MOO Report - 17 FEB 1996

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