2-3 Use of the TECFAMOO in the VMDL project

2-3.2 The International Educational Technology Center

In order to set up a virtual environment for communities, we have designed on the TECFAMOO server a virtual International Educational Technology Center dedicated to receive researchers in Educational Technologies. Private and public rooms have been built in order to let some place available for newcomers. They can enter the library, the common room and the cafeteria without being cumbersome to usuals. Private rooms belong to international communities of researchers and, people are asked do not distract them. Volontarily, the EduTech Center has not been completely constructed to let researchers build and organize a space of their own. Only the public rooms are to be administred by a person in charged of them in TECFA: the Library, the common room and the cafeteria. In this perspective, the Library should be the most important room to administrate. Actually, many structured links to on-line document are to be provided through the WWW corresponding page. Access to on-line publications, on-line magazines, on-line bibliographies, interesting available WWW pages and archives of MOO important interactions sessions are already available and this is one of the major condition to the creation of a 'living' virtual research center.

On next pages, we captured on screen the WWW pages corresponding to the rooms of the EduTech Center.

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VMDL/MOO Report - 17 FEB 1996

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