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This page is about available DTDs, Contents, etc. Mostly in relation with my intersts. Updated whenever I feel so

XML Contents @ TECFA

Teaching XML @ TECFA

General stuff

Indexes for DTDs and other grammars

General articles about schemas

Text Processing

Open Document Format

Note: I am not very enthousiastic about this, because like MS RDF it mixes content and style. I'd rather have a word processor based on XSLFO (i.e. being able to associate tags with style like in pure XHTML strict or Latex).

TEI - Text Encoding Initiative

Used mainly by scholars in literature research


The industry standard for technical books


Dita has originally been developed by IBM by Don R. Day, Michael Priestley and others. It now is a OASIS standard. It's general architecture is quite interesting for educational sites, because it (1) accomodates for topic-oriented organization and reuse (as opposed to long documents), (2) allows specialization and (3) therefore supports semantic markup (as opposed to Docbook which is typographic basically). DITA has been used in the TECFA SEED project to write the Teacher's Catalogue. That was in 2002. Since 2005, a lot of other people are also aware of DITA :)


Other Schemas

Both text and data-centric schemas. Needs to be sorted out, for Internet services related things you may browse through the Portals Pointers, i.e. the Webservices section.

Simple Text-centric DTDs

Content Syndication (RSS)

Semantic Web and Related

See the links section in my Staf-18 course for many RDF / RSS/ Topic Maps / semantic web pointers, including social networks. Things below are REALLY just random fragments ... that I should move/kill some day.

Vocabularies for special contents


(really not complete)


XML in education

See also: other items above

IMS/Scorm framework and friends

Educational Markup languages

(other than Scorm)

Media frameworks other than RLOs


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