TECFA offers courses at Master and Bachelor levels, as well as a continuous education.

Master MALTT

The Master of Science in Learning and Teaching Technologies (MALTT) is a 120 ECTS credits university degree. All classes are offered by the unit TECFA since 1994.

In a blended format, which alternates on-site classes at university and distance learning, the master trains students to:

  • set up and audit e-learning devices (distance training or self-directed);
  • design and assess educational or training software (ergonomy and impact);
  • multimedia e-learning project management, from analysis of needs to assessment through users survey.

Direction: Gäelle Molinari and Eric Sanchez

MALTT website

Continuing Education

TECFA proposes a unviersity Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in conception and development of e-learning projects, as well as one-off workshops. The CAS (12 ECTS credits) includes both courses in class (25%) and distance collaborative or individual work (75%). The objectives are to get learners to:

  • Analyse needs and write up specification;
  • Plan and implement trainings with the use of design tools;
  • Identify and set up a digital environment;
  • Integrate Web 2.0 services;
  • Plan and manage supervision and monitoring;
  • Implement instrumented assessment;
  • Design innovative and adapted pedagogies.

e-larning CAS website

Continuing education programs at TECFA are currently regulated under the Réglement-cadre facultaire des certificats/diplômes de formation continue de la Faculté de psychologie et des sciences de l'éducation.

Bachelor Courses

The following courses are proposed within the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.

Ergonomie des Interactions Personne-Machine
Curriculum: Bachelor in Psychology and Educational Sciences
Teacher: Kalliopi Benetos
Introduction aux technologies éducatives
Curriculum: Bachelor in Psychology and Educational Sciences
Teacher: Nicolas Szilas
Enseigner et apprendre avec les technologies numériques
Curriculum: Bachelor in Primary Education
Teacher: Denise Sutter Widmer
Usages pédagogiques des MITIC
Curriculum: Certificate in Primary Education
Teachers: Denise Sutter Widmer (coordinator), Mireille Bétrancourt (responsable), Laurent Dubois, Andreea Capitanescu, Urs Richle

FPSE courses program

Platforms and resources

TECFA uses and maintains several platforms, most of which are open access.

EduTech Wiki
Wiki dedicated to educational technologies, available both in french and english. Open access for reading, requires approved registration for editing.
Educational video games
Public portal presenting educational video games developed by researchers, PhD or Master students at TECFA.
Moodle TECFA
TECFA's own implementation of Moodle, different from that of the University of Geneva. The platform is also used by other units. Requires approved registration.
Electronic portfolio system, mostly used in the continuous training classes offered by TECFA. Access limited to registered students.
Beekee is a platform supporting learning and face-to-face collaboration.
Dynamic Emotion Wheel
Platform designed to report and share emotions in computer-mediated collaboration. Access defined by roles and settings.