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TECFA leads and participate to inter- and multi-disciplinary research projects since more than 20 years. We adopt quantitatives, qualitatives and mixed methods, as well as different data collection practices.

Research projects

Our research projects evolve depending on new technologies and collaborations with other labs.

Current projects Past projects

Main Research Areas

Education technologies cover a wide field of inquiry, including:

  • Design of e-learning environment and educational software, as well as the study of their impact on learning
  • How technologies open new avenues for training
  • How online communities of practice are organized and regulated

Experimental Technics and Material

We use the following technics and experimental material:

  • Multimedia learnining applications and contents
  • Tangible Learning Objects (e.g. 3D printing, computerized embroidery, laser cutter)
  • Eye-tracking
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Neurophysiological measures


Some of the platforms and resources developed by TECFA can be used both for learning and research purposes.

See the Teaching page for a complete list.

UNIGE Archive

You can find our Open Access publications at the digital repository of the scientific patrimony of the Unviersity of Geneva, the Archive ouverte UNIGE.

UNIGE Archive


Our latest updates on our research is on Researchgate.

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