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Name of students
Title of work
Eléonore Flores
et Isabelle Cornaz
Genetics helps the police : Using the DNA, the genetic print in police investigations.
Aurélie Jaecklé et Antonin Reymond
Fight against AIDS : Shall we, one day, treat AIDS with the help from molecular biology ?
Jérôme Begey et Layne Meinich
Genetic treatments : Is it dangerous to be treated by molecular biology, in short and long term ?
Véronique Desbeaumes,
Ilan Lew et Céline Deshusses
Cloning of humans :Is it possible and what would the consequences be (for "normal" humans and cloned humans) ?
Stéphanie Favre, Romain Jordan
et Bénédict de Moerloose
Transgenic maize : Why have we created transgenic maize? How do we manage to create transgenic maize? What could the risks be ? How is it perceived by the public opinion ?
Luca Willig et Michaël Curti
The Flavr Savr tomato : The Flavr Savr tomato and the foods issued from genetic engineering - our future garden ?
Amandine Dupont et Nina Probst
Genetics to heal : Can we change genetically the genes from an embryo or an adult to take away a genetically transmissable disease ? How ? What are the ethical problems related to this ?
Vania Lederman , Sophie Scheller et Céline-Audrey Kobel
The transgenic plants : maize, tomato, etc.

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