A short information on TecfaMOO

The TecfaMOO project has been started as a small informal project in the fall of 1994. Currently we have been using MOO technology as non-obtrusive internal CMC tool for social, teaching and research purposes. In addition we have been using our MOO as research medium/object.

We particularly invested in the following areas:

Virtual Meeting Spaces for researchers and other professional communities (e.g. the VDML/MOO Project)
Tutorial support for class-room teaching
Tutorial support for distance teaching
Collaborative work & social grounding (e.g. the Bootnap project and various student projects)
The MOO as learning environment for introductory programming

Here are some other areas of interest:

Environments for "Just-in-Time-Open Learning
Educational environments (Learning by doing)
The "textuality" of text-based VR
Collaborative information systems (retrieval and hypermedia production)
Spatial organization of information retrieval
"Exhibition of activities"
Dynamics of interactions in virtual multi-user environments
Social & Political issues in virtual worlds
Learning Environment on the WWW with the MOO as smart httpd server

Please look at the evolving The evolving TECFAMOO Book #1 for more ....

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Daniel Schneider, TECFA