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bits extracted from the
"Projet VMDL"
Rapport Final
de la Participation Suisse
au projet Européen VMDL

Décembre 1995

Sandrine Tognotti,
Daniel K. Schneider,
Patrick Mendelsohn

VMDL (VIRTUAL MOBILITY AND DISTRIBUTED LABORATORIES) was an European DELTA project. The Swiss participation (see 1-2 "VMDL AND THE SWISS PARTICIPATION" [p. 2]) was financed by 'OFES (Contrat No. 94.0122). This document extracts bits of interest from the final report to the MOO community.

Note: This paper in HTML format is somewhat a draft. Some parts are missing because things got lost in the quick and dirty translation. I am not even sure that I got materials from the latest version of the report here. (Daniel Schneider)

A postscript version (A4, 400K) and the same gizipped (90K) are available

There is more information about the TecfaMOO Project

1. - VMDL
2. - Analysis of MOO and WOO Environments
3. - ANNEXES (Moo transcripts)

VMDL/MOO Report - 17 FEB 1996

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