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The Welcome Area


We could observe several models for the welcome area:

  1. Most educational MOOs have people land in area which gives access to a lot of information. Sometimes (as in Collegetown shown in figure 3.1) this area is also a central room of the MOO.
  2. Culture and leisure MOOs more often tend to let people arrive in a ``closet'' or other room devoid of interest. A visitors is center is sometimes adjacent sometimes not and it has to be found.
  3. Others like Diversity University MOO and more so EON have a ``stage'' approach.

Figure 3.1: The Welcome screen of CollegeTown

Let's now have a closer look a Diversity University MOO (DUM). DUM is interesting because of its size and solutions found there may be of general interest. At DUM one lands first in a general welcome room which has been rather designed to keep certain behavior or people from this MOO.

------------------------------------------------------------------- DU 4/95

                ***** DIVERSITY UNIVERSITY IS NOT A GAME *****

It is a place where many people from various backgrounds come to do work and
interact in a mature and responsible environment, and as a visitor you are
expected to behave in an appropriate manner.

   Swearing, offensive language, obscenity, harassment, and rudeness will
   not be tolerated here.  If you must do that, do it somewhere else.

 If you're not sure if something is ok or not, ASK FIRST.  If someone asks
 you to stop doing something they find objectionable, STOP.  For a more
 complete list of what behavior is and is not considered appropriate here,
 type 'help manners' once connected.

NOTE:  You can and will be booted off the system and barred further access to
       this MOO if you cannot behave responsibly.  Under some circumstances
       your actions on this system can be logged or monitored as well. Your
       connection site is being displayed in your description; anyone can
       see where you are connected from.

If you do not wish to agree to these conditions, type @quit to leave the MOO.
[Press return to continue or type '@quit' to disconnect]
Orientation Room

Welcome to Diversity University!  This is the Orientation room and is
 deliberately quiet to allow new users to read the helps.  This room is in the
 Student Union so when you are ready to explore, just leave by the exit to the
 hall or read the help on @rooms.

ATTENTION Teachers! - Please do not bring your students onto DU as guests. 
 Please ask a wizard about our VSPO system for bringing on groups.

    help newbie  -  Basic help for those new to this
     help theme  -  Describes the purpose of Diversity Univ.
            map  -  Displays a map of Diversity Univ. You are currently 
                    located in the sw corner of the Student Union

To see this room description again, type:   look

Exits include: [out] to Learning Hall (3-4)
You see Application Folder, DU manners (look manners), MOOTutorials, A map of
 Diversity University, and Social and other MOOs List (read sml) here.


Next, people land in a room where they are given a chance to look at basic MOO commands and are also pointed to further information.

------------------------------------------------------------------- DU 4/95

Learning Hall (3-4)
This is one segment of the hall leading off the Main Foyer of the Student
 Union.  To reach the Student Union, travel east.

Type:   tutorial       to enter a walk-through tutorial of MOO basic commands.
Type: @go edu  then   southeast  to get to more tutorials and helps in the
 MOOteach learning center. 

Exits include: [east] to Learning Hall (1-2), [south] to Orientation Room,
 [tutorial] to An Introduction
You see MOOing Services Board (Type --> Look board) (3 notes) here.


Next people can enter a corridor ...

------------------------------------------------------------------- DU 4/95

Learning Hall (1-2)
A long, quiet hallway. A door leads east back to the main entry.
This hall leads to rooms that will teach basics about many things, such as how
 to navigate and use a MOO as well as how to study better.  Feel free to
 explore the rooms.
Exits include: [east] to Student Union Center, [west] to Learning Hall (3-4),
 [south] to study aids (public)


... which leads to the Student Union Center which contains all the information a regular user of this MOO is interested in.

------------------------------------------------------------------- DU 4/95

Student Union Center
You are standing in the Student Union of Diversity University.  There is an
old red couch in the corner, usually occupied by sleeping students.  Several
halls lead from the room, and large glass doors on the southern wall lead
Warning: Anything said in this room is subject to being logged for research
 purposes.  Research is vital to the continued survival of DU so we hope you
 will understand.

Exits include: [west] to Learning Hall (1-2), [south] to LSU Street (200
 block), [east] to Underground corridor (SU <-> Admin), [north] to
 Entertainment Hall, [northeast] to Student Union Elevator, [northwest] to
 Universities Room, [Up] to Help Desk
SPrince (asleep), JackieC (asleep), RayJ (asleep), Jason_J (Always keeping one
 eye open!), and Kaspar (idling) are standing here.
You see Transporter Booth, DU Places of Interest (poi), Test Survey, DU
 Directory, EVENTS (8 notes), Yellow Pages!, Aquarium, and Diversity Survey


Diversity University is currently the biggest Educational MOO and several information and navigation tools had to be created. Of particular interests are:

Daniel K. Schneider
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