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The Welcome Screen


The welcome screen should give some information on the purpose of the MOO and tell people (including guests) how to connect (or how to obtain a character). Most MOOs have a set of standard commands enabled like ``who'' displaying who is on the MOO.

Let's look a few of those screens:

------------------------------------------------------- CollegeTown 4/95

            /                                               \ 
            |            EDUCATION FOR SERVICE               |
                |    |_      /           \ _    |      |  
                |  |__   |  /             \  |_  |  |_ |  
                | _  _ |   /               \_  ______  |    
                |_ |  |   _|    WELCOME     | |      | |   PLEASE REMEMBER: 
                |  _|   |  |      TO        | |PLAQUE| |   
                |     _    |  COLLEGETOWN   | |______| | THIS IS AN ACADEMIC   
                | | _   |  |                |    _     | ENVIRONMENT *NOT* A   
                |__________|                |__________|    << GAME >>

 COLLEGETOWN is a text based virtual ACADEMIC community running on a NeXT
 computer at Buena Vista College in Storm Lake, IA. Users who appreciate our
 educational mission are welcome to participate in COLLEGETOWN events.

         connect name password                        PLEASE TYPE
         connect guest                               'HELP MANNERS'.


------------------------------------------------------------------- DU 4/95

                                 WELCOME TO
                            DIVERSITY UNIVERSITY
                               (East  Campus)
               Running version 1.7.8p4 of the LambdaMOO server
                  Address: MOO.DU.ORG ( 8888

  Diversity University MOO campuses are Internet locations for serious
experimentation in network-based, interactive teaching, learning and social
services.  Those wishing to further this community development are welcome!

The DU administration would like to thank the many volunteers contributing
time and effort to further this vision.  We would also like to thank the
Internet Multicasting Service, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU),
and the Annenberg/CPB Project for their support in this venture.

Supporters of this project are not responsible for the content of any material
which may be found on this system.

            connect guest          | to have a look around
            @who                   | to see who is online
            @quit                  | to exit Diversity University


------------------------------------------------------------   BioMOO 4/95

~%HHH!*%nx.    HM           ~4HHH:      :HHHH~    .xH*""tx.       .xH*""tx.
  MMM   `MMM   `"             MMMM:     MXMMX    MMM     #MM.    MMM     #MM.
  MMM    MM"  +nn   .n*%x.    M`MMM    M XMMX   MMM       MMM,  MMM       MMM, 
  MMM!**MX.    MM  MM   4Mh   M ?MMM  X~ XMMX  'MMM       MMMX 'MMM       MMMX
  MMM    MMM:  MM  MM   'MM   M  ?MMMd"  XMMX  'MMM       MMM' 'MMM       MMM' 
  MMM    MMMf  MM  MM   'MM   M   MMMf   XMMX   `MMk     :MM#   `MMk     :MM# 
..MMMk..HM*"  .MM. `MX..M*  .:M..  MM   .MMMM.    "Mh...xM"'      "Mh...xM"'

                                  ...the virtual meeting place for biologists.

'purpose'                     to read a statement on BioMOO's purpose
'connect (userid) (password)' to connect, for example: connect Elmer stu888ph
'guest (name) (any-password)' to connect as a named guest,
'connect Guest'               to connect as an anonymous guest,
'create'                      for information on how to get your own userid,
'who'                         just to see who's logged in right now,
'@quit'                       to disconnect, either now or later.

Multimedia interface (WWW):
For human help please email to


Daniel K. Schneider
vendredi, 16 février 1996, 13:41:58 MET