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Related Pages: XML Applications Pointers (DTDs, Schemas), XSL (T/FO) Pointers, Xquery / XUpdate Pointers, DOM Pointers, SVG Pointers, RDF pointers, Cocoon Pointers.

"XML" means "Extended markup language". XML is designed as a machine readable self describing text editable persistent store for data. It (hopefully) will replace HTML in many cases ! Note that this page is NOT indented to be one of THE indexes, but it reflects our own needs and interests. Only updated whenever I feel so :)


Teaching XML @ TECFA

Software installed at Tecfa

R&D and plans

Documentation & Validation

On-line Validation

Note: You may need to change DTD's local system identifiers. The programs must be able to get the DTD. I rather suggest installing a local program on your machine (like xmllint or xmlTester). Specific XML applications:


... not many on-line right now (except specifications)

Specifications, standards and official propaganda

Official Frameworks

XML Specifications

Specifications (and proposals) for XML Applications

This just contains some major very technical applications. See also other Toolbox sections, e.g. SVG, XSL(T).

Compound documents:
Compound Document is the W3C term for a document that combines multiple formats. So far (2006) most work has been spent on specifications for combining W3C technologies, such as SMIL, SVG and XML Events, with XHTML by reference. For inclusion, see namespaces and xinclude. XQuery (Working Draft on nov 2003)
Xlink, Xpointer, Xinclude & Xpath
All these are mission critical for developping real hypertext. Schemas
Right now, most schemas are written still as DTDs. XML Schemas are written in XML. Alternatively, you may also use Relax. RELAX
Indexes for other specs


On-line Mags

see also: links below !!

NewsGroups and Mailing Lists

General Tutorials

(most are somewhat technical, this section is NOT updated very often !)

XML & DataBases

This includes rather interfacing XML to SQL. For real XML databases, see Xquery / Xupdate / XML databases.

Other Tutorials (XML Schema, Xlink, etc.)

Introductory Articles

XML for programmers

(links not checked for the LAST 2 years I think ... nov/2003)

Tutorials for client-side JavaScript programmers

Tutorials for JAVA programmers

Java APIs

Tools for programmers (parsers, etc.)

... and some tools written with these libraries. [TECFA People: Also look at our Java page, documentation for classes]


(needs updating, i.e. current libraries and some popular classes, 1/2004)

Java XML Parsers

XML parsers for other languages

(really not complete!)

Various stuff

Minimal XML Parsers


See also general XML Indexes, this will not be complete! This list are just bookmarks for things we consider using

Indexes for tools / software

Browsers and plugins (client-side XML)

On-line Tools

Editors and editor libraries

A lot of free or cheap GUI tools I tested are either slow, difficult to learn, useless (no DTD support/validation) or they crash sometimes. Some combine those features. I prefer (X)Emacs (see below). To to some extent, XED can be recommended. See the XML software indexes for a lot of pointers.

Text Editors with a GUI

I believe that XML Editors for content should work like text processors ... I didn't have the chance to look at most of the products listed here (so there is no endorsement). Adobe would have the skills to do a nice tool based on FrameMaker (the only real Text Processor I am aware of. Version 7 doesn't have XSL-FO support and mapping some internal objects like links to certain DTDs is not easy).

Tree/Text/Structure Editors with a GUI

(this section also include other tools ... to be placed elsewhere)

TTW Editors

TTW = "through the Web" - it works within a browser

Emacs modes

Other modes/stuff:

XSL(T/FO) engines

See Tools for programmers for XML parsers.

Server-side XML and databases

End User XML Validators

Converters and other tools

See also above (server-side XML)

HTML in XML / HTML=>XML transition



XUL is "Extensible User Interface Language" developped for the Mozilla project (but not limited to it).

DTD's, schemas, stylesheets, example XML etc.

This section has moved to xml-applications

XML Links & News

Some major general indexes

Indexes in french / en français

Ratings: Stars are not quality indicators, but related to "usefulness" for what we do locally at Tecfa (teaching/R&D/research): *** = "must have a look at it". * = "may have a look at it"
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