XML and FrameMaker + SGML 6 quick tutorials

Scroll down please in order to read something "about" this little project. Before I am done with this (and it may not happen too soon, there won't be a proper index.html file). [ DKS 3/2001 ]
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XML and FrameMaker + SGML 6 quick tutorials

This directory contains (unless something changed):
  1. [quick-fm-xml-guide.*] A XML with FrameMaker + SGML Quick Guide: PDF version [updated 3/01]. I also made a go at CSS. You can look at quick-fm-xml-guide.xml with Netscape 6.x or Mozilla. Server-side XSLT->HTML is certainly a better solution. I spent 1 bloody day on numbering. Neither Mozilla 0.8 nor IE 5.5 implement CSS2 counters, I hate browsers ! The Stepbystep directory contains (hopefully) all the source files you need to understand and learn if you want to use XML with FramemMaker
  2. Once I was done with Stepbystep I tried to apply what I have learned to the Simplified XML Docbook DTD. Check the sdocbook directory. XML/Frame integretation may even be a step ahead if I did not have time to update the quick-fm-xml guide.
  3. [edd-formatting.*] Formatting with FrameMaker + SGML's EDD: PDF version. This is REALLY unfinished.
  4. [fm-user-quick-guide.*] FrameMaker + SGML Quick Guide: PDF version

You should read the PDF or FrameMaker (*.fm) versions but there are also ugly HTML (look in the html directory) and XML (this directory) versions. Ignore the other subdirectories for now. There may be junk around in some places. Judge yourself and look at date stamps. Don't have time for any sort of polishing.

"Quick" means quickly made (bad quality) and "get something quickly going" after "quick reading time". Warning: the quick-guide.text file is OUTDATED, but I leave it here since I referred to it in some mailing list. Sorry, no more doc about the doc right now. Just click on the 3 PDFs.
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