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6. Practical Questions

6.1 Technology used at Tecfa

  1. Main:
  2. Simple HTML, soon: XML
  3. MySQL (a free relational SQL database)
  4. PHP
  5. Apache Web Server
  6. A bit:
  7. Javascript, Java (applets)
  8. Authorware and plug-in
  9. Python, Perl
  10. VRML
  11. Java Web Server (servlets)
  12. MOO

6.2 Closed vs. open environments and standard vs. custom tools

6.3 People

1993: Our first WWW Server

1994: Internet used in teaching:
Web pages for courses and students, teaching materials, indexes,
Email, forums, MOO

1997: Experiences with commercial educational Web Servers
First custom tools for activities

1998: Start of our virtual campus project

6.4 About ....