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European Seed project / TECFA's participation

This page contains overview information, please consult the TECFA SEED portal as well as the home for the learning activities catalog for more information about this project.

This project has ended on July 2004. However, we still continue working on some topics ...

Project information

Seed is an acronym for "Seeding cultural change in the school system through the generation of communitites engaged in integrated educational and technological innovation".

Seed is a part of the 5th Framework European IST programme.

The full name of IST is "Programme for research, technological development and demonstration on a "User-friendly information society, 1998-2002. A short name is "User-friendly information society". IST is a major theme of research and technological development within the European Union's Fifth RTD Framework Programme (1998-2002).

More precisely, SEED is a 2000 Action Line SOT (School of Tomorrow), part of sub-action line III.2 "Education and training", action line III "Multimedia content and Tools)".

The SEED Team @ TECFA:

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