MOO things

Title of project:
Implicit coordination in distributed systems

Partners: Pierre Dillenbourg (TECFA), Ion Dumitrache (POLITEHNICA), Catalin Buiu (POLITEHNICA),
Cristian Ceconvciuc (POLITEHNICA)


1. How the agents work.
2. How the MOO should be working.

1. How the agents work.

    The agents have easy steps to solve mystery. They interact with TECFAMOO through some commands, like:
- 'page' to communication with the partner;
- 'look' and 'read' to get more details about different objects;
- 'walk' to move in different rooms;
- 'ask' to find answers.


2. How the MOO should be working.

    When the agents issue some commands the MOO answer like in following tables:

Room bar
Question ask giuzeppe about last night
Answer to human agent Giuzeppe Vesuvio answers "We went to the resto about 6, right after my wife tried to make a phone call. We ate with the Loretans. Mona Lisa left around 9:00, but I stayed with our friends until the restaurant closed. Then, we went to the bar for a few drinks. You should know that when I left the restaurant for the bar,  I saw that no-good ski instructor looking suspicious in the corridor. Anyway, I left the bar at 10:30, and when I got back to our room, I found her dead, and came back here screaming!"
Answer to artificial agent &fact(was_at(giuzeppe, restaurant, 1800, 2200, with([mona,rolf,claire]), suspects(hans)))&fact(was_at(giuzeppe, bar, 2200, 2230, with([rolf,claire]), nothing))
Room bar
Question look painting
Answer to human agent You see what looks like an early painting from Magritte. It is titled "The Fool on the Hill".
Answer to artificial agent &fact(descr(painting, author, magritte))&fact(descr(painting, title, the_fool_on_the_hill))&fact(descr(painting, age, early))
Room restaurant
Question read sign
Answer to human agent Restaurant open for supper every day from 6 to 10 pm.
Answer to artificial agent &fact(opened(resturant,600,2200))


Answer to human agent
Answer to artificial agent

    But, now the MOO doesn't answer to artificial agent.  That's the reason for 'answer.txt' file, to simulate the MOO answers.

Cristian Ceconvciuc  

Last updated: Dec. 16, 1997