BOOTNAP: Social Grounding in Computer Supported Collaborative Problem Solving

Short description
This project is concerned with grounding in multi-modal computer-supported collaboration. In particular, we concentrate on two issues: how constructed visual/spatial references (drawing a diagram) are used during grounding and the role of grounding mechanisms in problem solving. The project will progress in three phases:
  1. Design or adapt a multi-modal computer-supported collaborative system.
  2. Use the system to study grounding behavior in computer-mediated human-human collaboration.
  3. Develop a human-computer collaborative system, in which a computer program can collaborate with a human, using mechanisms for grounding which are functionally equivalent to those of human-human behavior, as observed in the previous phase.

For more information on the project, take a look at the project proposal summary , or the more detailed research project proposal.

Work in Progress:

We also have a BOOTNAP project home page , which has more recent progress updates and pointers to related work. Also see our publications.
Human-Computer collaboration, social grounding. artificial intelligence, learning environment

The principal participants are Pierre Dillenbourg , David Traum , Patrick Mendelsohn , and Daniel Schneider .

This project has been submitted to the Swiss National Science Foundation on February 27 1994. The first 18 months have been funded.

The project started in March 1995 and will last for 3 years if we receive additional funding.


For more information, call or write to Pierre Dillenbourg or David Traum