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(please refer to the Project's "Outputs Page" for additional information)


   A primary school in Brussels: the Ecole Fondamentale Emile André.
   A secondary school in Brussels: Athénée Adolphe Max
   Both are included in the Projet Brunette Network.


  Les réseaux buissonniers in the Villard de Lans School.
  See some drawings, a collective story and photos done in this class !


  Turtles, fairy tales and pen-friends: socialisation and creativity through e-mail in a primary school.
   Linguistic abilities and Sciences: cooperative learning through Internet in a secondary school.


A word of introduction...
... and see also the Schools' Web Sites:
  Drømtorp Videregående Skole (link inactivated on 9.3.98)
  Arnestad Skole


  Hillmead Infants School, Brixton, London
  Richmond Park School, Glasgow
  Shawlands Academy, Glasgow
  The Netherhall School, Cambridge


Six experiments are under way involving children from age 10 to 17
in six different schools :

   A Primary School Project
   Geneva Linking With Kibbutz Dafna
   Mail Exchange and Information Sharing
   A Geneva Classroom for Immigrants on Line
   Wie ? - Claparède ! Comment ? - Goethe !
   A Worldwide Experiment on Television Watching and the WEB




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