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This page is frozen now . I migrated the SEED Catalog to EduTech Wiki - DKS June 2007.

The SEED project is over since 2004, but some work is still going on, i.e. three PhD projects from which we expect results and futher publications:

Quote from a paper: "While one can observe a boom of interest for e-learning in the last 2-3 years, current e-learning systems rather focus on content delivery, as opposed to supporting students to solve more complex and open-ended tasks. We are convinced by the effectiveness of socio-constructivist pedagogies in education and struck by the apparent lack of widely deployed supporting tools. We would like to argue that a large number of rich educational scenarios can be supported at reasonable cost by the emerging brand of modular Community, Content and Collaboration Management Systems (C3MS). In order to explore this hypothesis we started deploying such architectures with a few selected teachers and we are working on our own custom modules."

Publications and other results from the TECFA Group

The "catalog"

This document was originally designed by TECFA for the SEED project and aims at supporting teachers in classes and virtual communities to design innovative activities and make the most of portal technology.

Currently you can consult a relativly decent English draft version. Different Draft Versions are numbered. In sept 2003 we published our first on-line version 0.5. You also may also check dates in the web directory (sometimes we forget to update this page). You will also find a provisional XML version there. This catalog may become available through an on-line XML database (like eXist) through a follow-up project (2005?, 2006?).

Current status of this project

This is still work under progress (despite the fact that the SEED project is over). You also can look at several "life" pedagogical projects that are under way. Most of these are indexed on the front page of the tecfaseed server or in the Portal.
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