Different Interactions

In this pages we present a simple game, in which users must find the correct order of random numbers, in 3 versions, which differ in the kind of interaction available, but use the same underlying logic. Try them now or read on for further details!

The aim of the site is to show, with a very simple web-based game, how the interactive modality may influence the learning processes depending on what the user is prompted to do in the game.

This site is part of the material for the course STIC I of the Master of Science in Learning and Teaching Technologies, whose aim is to teach basic programming and development skills for designing web-based applications related to learning.

Users will be shown 5 numbers between 1 and 5 in random order as a warm-up test.

They must sort them from the lowest to the greatest using the interactive modality of the given version.

After the first play they will be able to modify the difficulty of the game (number and range of digits).

Each time they play, they will obtain different numbers with respect to the criteria they have set.

Write Response

In this version of the game, users must write the given numbers, in the expected order, using a text input.

Point and Click

In this version of the game, users must click on each given number, one after the other, in the correct order.

Drag and Drop

In this version of the game, users can reorder the given numbers using drag and drop gestures.