Jay Williams'

My name is Jay Williams and I'm hosting a BOF on "Business Uses of VRML and 3D Interactivity on the Web", currently scheduled Wed. evening, and although I don't have the outline complete yet (Maybe tommorrow!) so it's not on the www.w3.org site, you can see the one we used in December in Boston at http://www.serve.net/jmw/bof.html. We had such good response (overflowed into the hall!) that I thought we'd do it again. Since you're hosting the most interesting workshop (shamless flattery!) I wanted to make sure you knew about it and hopefully can attend.

I haven't had time to do a paper (or in fact a lot of preparation for the conference) due to the demands of business, but I would be very interested in attending your workshop if there is room. I'm the director of R&D for serve.net, and some of our clients are trying to do neat things in VE. We work with Chicago, the Oakland Raiders, and other entertainment oriented companies.

Jay M. Williams