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The EduMOO forum is a place where adminstrators of educational MOOs meet on a regular basis.

This page is NO LONGER MAINTAINED, but I leave it around anyhow (D.S. april/98).

  1. A list of educational MOOs, see: The Educational VR (MUD) page
  2. Representatives
  3. Meetings (Agendas and Transcrips in ascii)
  4. Announcements: Please subscribe to the MOO Ed mailing list. Meetings are announced there! See the Moo-Ed Archive for past postings.
  5. Also note that quite a few educational MOOs are MOO-linked by Gustavo Glusman's GNA Net. Here is an a list of connected MOOs (including information about "GNA rooms").
Please email things to add to: Daniel.Schneider@tecfa.unige.ch

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Daniel Schneider, TECFA