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MOO Addresses


See The TecfaMOO page for details on how to connect to TECFAMOO in various ways. Here we will just use our MOO as an example on how to connect to a MOO. All you need to know is the Internet Name of the machine the MOO runs on (e.g. tecfamoo.unige.ch) and a port number (e.g. 7777). Most Moos run on either port 7777 or 8888, but don't rely on this !!.

TECFAMOO is at: tecfamoo.unige.ch 7777

The WWW interface for users is at the same address: i.e. Open URL: http://tecfamoo.unige.ch:7777. Note that work on this interface is currently suspended

The WWW interface for object browsing (useful for builders and programmers is at http://tecfamoo.unige.ch:7778

This means that TECFAMOO runs on the machine tecfamoo.unige.ch on port 7777. Each MOO client has a different way of entering machine names and port numbers:  

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997