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7.2 [TECFAMOO] Security - Trust and Distrust


(really under construction !!!)

The ``Trust'' system offers you more flexibility and allows collaborative work. The thre essential commands are:

   @trust <source> to <event> <destination> [for <duration>]
   @distrust <source> to <event> <destination> [for <duration>]
   @trust-list <destination>

First @trust-list <destination> will show you the list of events supported by <destination> as well as which classes are trusted/distrusted for each event. The term ``class'' means any object, or generic object, or special class (see below).


>@trust-l me

Trust -- Janus (#11) <~Janus>

Classes trusted to build object can describe the object,
set the messages, changes the name, aliases, ... of the object.
  +Trusted   : owners

Classes trusted to mail the user.
  +Trusted   : everything.

Classes trusted to move the object.
  +Trusted   : everything.

[... and so on ...]

This means means that everyone can mail me. But that only I can describe me.

Now the list of trusted/distrusted classes can be changed with the @trust and @distrust commands.


@distrust $everything to move me
(Now no one but me can move myself.)

@distrust $guest to mail me
(Now everything but guests can send me mail.)

@trust ~Charlotte to build me
(Now Charlotte can change my description, name, ...)

As you can see a class can be various things... a generic ($guest), a special class ($everything) or an object/player (~Charlotte).

So far the special classes are:

$everything  => objects/generics/special classes... everything!
admins       => administrators
owners       => players that own <destination>
programmers  => objects with a prog bit
players      => objects with a player bit

The trust/distrust system allow you to have more controls over ``who can do what'' on your stuff. Right now it offers you controls about who can enter your rooms, move your objects, send you mail, page you, build with you...

More to come. Adding new events is fairly easy. Please let me know what events you would like to be supported and what event scope you would like to be extended...

As always... comments/suggestions/... are welcome ! Janus

WARNING I strongly suggest you never:

 @trust <whoever> to OWN <whatever> ***

The own event will be usefull for multiple ownership when the sytem will be open to the public... meanwhile, don't use it. If you use the OWN event, do it at your own risk and don't whine someone recycled your stuff...

All the other events are ok :)

P.S. the @refuse commands have been deleted, use @distrust instead (works the same, but it is easier to maintain from a programmer point of view).

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997