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7.1 [TECFAMOO]The Quota System


As of May 1996, we use a double object and byte quota system. When you need more quota, ask an administrator and he will give you more under the condition that you work on a serious project. ``Tiny scenery'' builders usually don't fall under this category anymore since our MOO is growing.

Type '@quota' to see your allocated quota, example:

MooBoy has a total building quota of 500,000 bytes for 150 objects.
His total usage is 324,082 bytes for 80 objects.
MooBoy may create up to 175,918 more bytes of properties or verbs.

This means that MOOBoy can use up 500K and build 150 objects (that includes exits). (Note that this is a lot)

Quota policy:

  1. Standard builders and programmers have 25K bytes and 10 objects of quota.
  2. People doing interesting projects can have more.


To change quota consult: 'help @set-quota'.

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997