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Ria's multi-room


Ria's multi-room is very versatile and includes several features. If you are a newbie builder, avoid playing around with this room because it is quite complex and not so easy to set up. Use Ken's generic classromm (6.2.1) instead for example. If you remove the teacher's desk, nobody will notice that it is a classroom.

Following information is more or less the same as the one you get by typing 'help #1862' in the MOO.

Introducing The Generic Outdoor Secured Place-Oriented(seats included) Room With Enhanced Integrating Descriptions, Exit Matching, Security and Details. Take a look... Not only can it have seats, but it can also have tables, hooks, beds, hangers, boxes, bags, vases, bowls, etc, etc, etc... It has 4 ways of securing the room, integrating descriptions (where an object blends in with the description instead of saying that 'You see ___ here.' N,No,Nor,Nort and North would all match, unlike the Generic Room, where you must type out the full name or alias. You can also add details to the room, without wasting quota to make an object just to 'look' at.

Help for Generic Secure Outdoor Place-Oriented Room with Exit matching, details and integrated descriptions:

@add-place <place>            Adds a table, hook, chair (or anything else)
                              to the room.
@put <place> is <message>     Re-sets the message when someone puts an
                              object in the place.
@take <place> is <message>    Re-sets the message when someone takes an
                              object from the place.
@take-verb <place> is <verb>  Adds a verb that you type in order to take
                              an object from <place>.
@rmtake-verb <place> is <verb>Removes verb from those that you type in 
                              order to take an object from <place>.
@put-verb <place> is <verb>   Adds a verb that you type in order to put
                              and object in <place>.
@rmput-verb <place> in <verb> Removes verb from those that you type in
                              order to put an object in <place>.
@alias <place> is <alias>     Adds an alias to <place>.
@rmalias <place> from <alias> Removes an alias from <place>.
@capacity <place> is <amount> Sets the amount of objects <place> can hold
@describe-place <place>       Allows you to change the description of
@type <place> is <type>       Sets the kind of objects that may go at
                              <place>  ... ie, if it's a hook, write the
                              number for the generic plant.  If it's a 
                              chair, use $player.
@visible <place> is <message> Re-sets the empty-place message.  Use 0 if
                              the place should be invisible when empty.
@remove-place <place>         Deletes a place.
@places                       Shows all places and what they can hold
@integrate <object> is <msg>  Whenever <object> is in the room, <msg>
                              is displayed.  Use "%i" in place of the
                              object's name.
@unintegrate <object>         Reverses effects of @integrate
@secure [<type>]              Secures the room based on <type>
                              For help, exclude the <type>
@accepting player | object    Accepting depends on the player moving
                              the object OR the object itself.
@accept <person>              Adds <player> to the accept list.
@deny <person>                Adds <player> to the deny list.
@unaccept <person>            Removes <player> from the accept list.
@undeny <person>              Removes <player> from the deny list.
@invite <person>              Invites a person to enter the room for 
                              1 hour.
@detail <detail> as <descrip> Adds a detail to the room.
@rmdetail <detail>            Removes a detail
@summer...                    Sets the message to appear during
@winter...                    the appropraite season.  According
@spring...                    to the time of day.  The time may
@fall <time> is <message>     be any of: sunrise, morning, afternoon,
                              evening, sunset or night.
@add-noise <noise>            Adds the noise <noise>.
@rm-noise <num>               Removes the noise indexed by <num>.
@noisiness <num>              Changes how noisy the place is (1-10).
@noises                       Lists the noises defined.
@roominfo/@status [<place>]   Shows information about the room or a
                              specific place.

Daniel K. Schneider
Thu Apr 17 12:43:52 MET DST 1997